Design for school.

A design initiative for inclusive digital education which is usable and sustainable, and can be utilized during the Covid-19 crisis.

The current crisis has forced us to isolate ourselves from one another and engage in relationships from afar in an unprecedented manner. Schools at all levels, as well as  Italian universities, are particularly penalised. Many of these educational institutions find themselves unprepared to face the demands of remote teaching and learning.

The reasons for this lack of preparation are many, the most obvious being deficiencies in infrastructure and the lack of a widespread digital culture.

As designers, we have a particular role to play in defining a state-of-the-art educational system that integrates tools, culture, education, and inclusiveness to provide for complete digital citizenship. 

For this reason, as a first step, we are launching a survey of teachers, lecturers and students of all levels of Italian schools and universities, on how the requirements of distance education have been addressed.

The purpose of this investigation is to:

Collect the different distance learning experiences that are being put into practice in Italian schools and universities, and determine the degree of functionality and satisfaction.

Lay the basis for a shared value system to start a proactive debate on inclusive, usable, and open-source digital didactics.

Define a charter of rights (and duties) for digital, sustainable and people-centred citizenship and education.

Your contribution and experience are valuable.

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Illustration by Teller & K